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Help! I’ve fallen and I can’t get up! Tips to stay off the floor [Infographic]

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From slick floors to overzealous pets, our homes are filled with obstacles that can cause us to fall. The dangers of fall-related injuries are especially high for senior citizens. In fact, one-third of all people over 65 will fall this year. Seniors can stay safe by investing in personal alert systems, getting sufficient calcium and exercising regularly. It’s also important to get regular medical check-ups, which is a good time to ask your doctor if you’re getting to the point where you need a medical alert. This infographic further explores what you can do to keep yourself and your elderly loved ones safe from falls in the living room, dining room, kitchen, bathroom and stairways.
Fall Prevention for Seniors: Tips to Prevent Falls at Home
[Via: Alert1 Medical Alarm and Medical Alert Systems for Seniors – Alert One®]

Twacked: When Good Twitter Accounts Go Bad (Infographic)

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Whether you are a high-profile Twitter user or not, we all run the risk of being twacked. Veracode’s infographic takes you through some of the greatest Twitter hacks since the first tweet was born, up to the most recent events made popular by the well-known and shameless Script Kiddies. Though Twitter has banned certain “too simple” passwords (e.g. 123456), users can still be twacked, which is why it is important to secure your Twitter account as much as possible.

Twitter Infographic

Infographic by Veracode Application Security

The Most Important Mobile Payment Infographic Ever

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A good infographic should do more than give cool statistics on any given subject, it should define in detail what the given subject is. This is something so many infographics leave out, assuming that everyone already knows the ins and outs of whatever it may be. In the following infographic, NowSourcing, Inc. defines what a mobile payment is and how it works. The mobile world is one that already greatly affects us and will continue to do so, which is why they also deliver the mobile payment forecast for 2015.

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The most important mobile payment infographic. Ever.

The most important mobile payment infographic. Ever.
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Are Your Daily Habits Making You Sick? [Infographic]

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Stuff you don’t think about can and will hurt you. Can you believe that cell phones have 18 times more bacteria than a toilet flush handle? KeepingItKleen reports on how everyday habits can make you very sick, pointing out several kitchen and food safety factoids that you might be surprised to hear.

Are your daily habits making you sick?