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A Snapshot of Mobile Search Trends [Infographic]

July 19th, 2012

Did you know that Facebook is the number one searched website on mobile devices? In fact, consumers use their mobile phone more often for searching the web than their personal desktop computers. The average response time for desktop search is one week and only one hour for mobile devices.

Facebook is the king of mobile searching with 2500 adaptations of the word “Facebook” during these searches. For every 100 searches for Facebook there are only 2.52 searches for the other popular social networking website, Twitter.

On average, people are using their mobile devices near the time they go to bed as opposed to the morning hours. In a 24 hour period of time, mobile usage rises and desktop drops near the PM. Mobile internet usages are gradually rising and desktop searches are steadily decreasing.

A Snapshot of Mobile Search Trends [Infographic]
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