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Behold, the HTC Rezound [Review]

October 12th, 2012

I got a chance to spend several weeks testing out and using the Incredible and the Rezound.


Both phones come with Beats Audio technology, which makes for a great audio experience while listening to music.  The supplied Beats headphones with the Rezound worked amazingly well for a great sound. I even tested them out on my moped (yes I drive a moped, which I understand destroys part of my credibility… but we aren’t  talking about transportation right now, we’re talking about communication so – let’s move on.)

During the drive at about 45mph (inside my helmet) I could hear the music with absolutely no problem at all. I normally have headphones in on the moped to hear turn by turn directions with Google maps. I do not recommend driving with music at full blast as it will make you less aware in case of emergency services that may be near.

Macro shot of the headphones that come with the phone.

The physical size of the Incredible fit my hand better. It lent itself to one handed operation much better than the Rezound.

Call quality was not as good as I was hoping on the actual phone calls on either device. Though it could have been a lacking on the end of the person I was calling. Because the other person always said that they could hear me just fine. But my end always or at least the majority of the time, had a static or slightly garbled quality to it. Unlike the galaxy s3 I had the chance to review after this whose call quality never disappointed.

 Comparing cameras, there was a noticeable difference when the pictures were viewed on a PC. But, I wouldn’t say that one is superior to the other – judge for yourself.


Taken with the Rezound                                            Taken with the Incredile

I think for camera interface, I would give the advantage to the Incredible. It has all the functions you would normally want and is  readily accessible with one hand operation.

The form factor of the Incredible vs. Rezound.

In style they are almost identical. The Rezound has a noticeably larger screen, dual led flash and four dedicated buttons instead of three. I initially liked the four button set up on the Rezound, but after carrying both for several days I found myself using the Incredible more often.

In review. Both the Incredible and Rezound are fantastic phones which performed wonderfully in many tests that met my expectations. In one crucial unplanned test the Incredible really let me down. I had it in my front shirt pocket and bent over to pick up something at which point it landed screen first onto a tile floor from about 20ish inches and completely shattered the screen. (To its credit, the screen still functioned perfectly, albeit with massive cracks in it)

I would also like to point out that Verizon’s network did not disappoint and even saved the day at the office. When our internet went out, I turned on the WiFi hotspot and hooked right up to it on my desktop and was getting speeds of xxx which was faster than we had been connecting (don’t worry we have since switched internet providers.)

And now since everybody wants to know. How does it compare to the iPhone? Size wise the incredible is slightly larger screen-wise than the iPhone. But fits in your hand just as well (I prefer the Rezound for the  textured back.)

My iPhone using coworker was also very impressed by the camera on the Rezound and even borrowed it to show one of his friends when they came by. Particularly the auto focus/macro part of it.


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