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Facebook Simplifies Page Managing

October 28th, 2010

Whether it’s a restaurant or an individual running for office, we all know that just about anything in the public eye is linked to a Facebook page. And just like you’re accustomed to changing profile pictures and editing personal information, these entities must make an effort to keep their pages up to date and user friendly.

For businesses, these management methods look a little different than they do on the personal pages we’re accustomed to using. But as of yesterday, Facebook is aiming to simplify page management for brands, business, and public figures. The redesigned page manager is typified by a navigation bar on the left-hand side. It’s from here that users will adjust things like applications, pictures, marketing, and basic information. The page manager also offers mobile options as of this update, meaning users can better tailor their pages for connecting to mobile devices like iPhones.

Facebook will continue to offer a quick-start guide to acclimate public figures on how to get the most out of these pages. As always, the point is to connect with an audience and allow for real-time conversations. Those who might consider starting a page are musicians, athletes, schools, politicians, etc. Beyond simple social networking features for friends and family, Facebook has proven to be an indispensable tool for keeping in touch with an audience and providing it with new, updated content. Hopefully, the recent changes to the page manager will make that goal even easier.

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