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Maximize Ministry, Minimize Administration [Infographic]

July 19th, 2012

Having a difficult time finding a new church to be involved with? Your ideal church is just a click away with the convenience of the world wide web. The internet can assist in pretty much anything you need to know; the location and services at your local church being one of them.

Utilizing the internet can send you to the new church that you’ve been in search of. After visiting your new church of choice, you may be asked to fill out a visitor card. These cards are used to keep you in constant contact with all the church’s upcoming events and will also be used to add you into their church database. Following up after your first visit will be within 24-48 for the best results.

Whether it’s a small group at your church that you’re interested in, a newcomer class, or volunteer opportunities; the internet is ideal in assisting with all your needs.

Using Church Management Software to Engage New Members [Infographic]
Using Church Management Software to Engage New Members [Infographic]
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