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Network Roulette: A New Approach to Networking

November 10th, 2010

If you’ve ever sought an alternative to awkward introductions and brief conversations that lead to nowhere, this is worth a look. Coined “Network Roulette,” the Brazen Careerist style of networking aims to cut straight to the chase, always giving each party the option to walk away without hurting any feelings. It’s like speed-dating for those looking to advance their careers.

In the developers own words, “The site translates offline networking events into an efficient online networking experience to help you meet new people and build relevant relationships to advance your career.” Network Roulette gives you three minutes to figure out if the conversation you’re having is worth continuing, and with that kind of time constraint, there’s no arguing their claim that you can get a lot further in a half hour than you ever would with traditional networking. So, if your methods of looking for a new job, a business partner, or just more freelance work are coming up short, trying a new approach can’t hurt. Connect with Facebook or provide some basic information to get hooked up and become a brazen careerist.

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