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The New Restaurant Critic is You [Infographic]

March 12th, 2012

Over the last few years, many of the food industry’s dirty secrets have come to our attention – whether in an exposing documentary, or best seller, or simply word of mouth – the realization that we are being cheated and slowly poisoned is more than many of us want to believe. Keeping It Kleen is an organization for which we have shared infographics for in the past. They have just launched another infographic that sifts through food safety issues from the past and inspires all of us to pay more attention and voice our opinions. The infographic also sends a message to restaurants – it says be good to us, and don’t betray our trust.

While we understand that some things slip through cracks, and restaurants may not have control over it, we ask that those who handle our food before it makes it to our stores and restaurants – handle with care. If each of us as individuals were more conscious, and spoke out when someone else’s greediness or laziness causes the risk foodborne illness, we would all be healthier and happier.

The New Restaurant Critic
© 2012 Keeping it Kleen

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