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review of HTC 8x from Verizon Wireless

January 5th, 2013

It’s not everyday you get to carry around a cellphone in your pocket, but for the last few weeks Jon Jackson has gotten to do just that.

I’ve been using an HTC 8x Windows 8 phone with Verizon 4gLTE (Model number HTC6990LVW) for the last few weeks – and not just as a backup, look at it every now and then kind of phone – I’ve been using it as my primary phone the whole time.

By choice, I’m generally an Android user. This is my first foray into the world of windows, if you don’t count my brief affair with an htc tilt a few years ago.

(Though i don’t think you can really hold that one against me, I was younger, and it was a much different world. We all have our pasts… don’t look at me like that.)

Having recently upgraded my home computer to Windows 8, i was excited to see how their phone would hold up to the drastic OS changes. I was pleased to find that after connecting my Windows Live, Facebook, Twitter and Google accounts within just a few minutes the live tiles were updating and pulling in all kinds of social information.

I did find that this was a really good consumption device. The OS as a whole is still fairly young, but the options available even since the Windows 7 phones were introduced are getting stronger every day.

  • Call Quality: Excellent
  • Build Quality: Very good.
  • Performance:Excellent
  • Experience:Good (I feel as the OS and available apps mature, it will be very good, or excellent as well)
  • Bottom line:I WOULD recommend it to a friend

My wife was so impressed by the phone that she had me buy her a Windows phone for her and she is also loving that as well.

one last note i would make, i found that using the phone has made using Windows 8 a little easier as well – which was a pleasant bonus.

Sample photos from the phone under fluorescent light

Sample photo using the front facing camera under fluorescent light

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