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The Psychology of an Internet Troll [Infographic]

February 6th, 2013

Internet trolls are the bane of the internet social community, but only recently have scientists begun to really understand the effects that these individuals have on the rest of us. The best way to describe an internet “Troll” would be to say that some individuals develop online identities that are completely independent and often much different from their true identities. These people tend to become socially involved in chat rooms and other online social forums where they make offensive and antagonistic comments toward others. Trolls hold no regard for others because they feel protected behind the veil of their personal computer.

A study conducted in relation to the “Troll” effect was focused on the phenomena referred to as “Suicide Baiting.” This study showed that people were more likely to jump from a large building if:

  • They were part of a large crowd
  • They were above the 7th floor
  • It was dark outside

In short, Trolls can and will inflict heavy psychological damage on you if you don’t recognize their tactics. Be mindful of these, and you will stay clear of these fiends. Check out the infographic below to learn more about the psychology of internet trolls.

Psychology of an Internet Troll
Image compliments of Best Online Psychology Schools

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